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09 August 2016

Medicinal Marijuana for MS in New South Wales

Well now, looky here, Australia finally has at least one State where Medicinal Marijuana will be offered to those who have a need for it!

"The NSW government has just passed legislation that now makes medicinal marijuana or medicinal cannabis legal in New South Wales. The legalisation was the result of amendments to the state’s Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulations." 
"Under new laws, which came into effect on 1st August 2016, a medical practitioner can make an application through NSW Health to the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration on behalf of patients to access cannabis and cannabis-derived products. It is not clear at this stage which patients will be able to access these products, but it is likely to include people with MS and people with severe epilepsy and cancer patients in circumstances where other medications have proved ineffective."
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To me, as someone who has indulged quite a bit in the past and only very occasionally these days, this does have me very interested, though you're most likely very wrong in why I'm very interested. Yes I have been diagnosed with RRMS (Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis), yes it sucks, yes I've been quite lucky in that, I can still walk although with a minor limp from being in a wheelchair for about three months quite a few years ago now, my left eye was affected by optic neuritis and it now views the world through a layer of "fog". My walking might get a bit better with exercise and or Physiotherapy, but it's doubtful my foggy eye will ever improve, unless there is some medical breakthrough of course.

Now, being a Smoker, a Stoner and a Drinker before I was diagnosed with MS, I of course wondered if any of these activities had something to do with getting MS, well, I can't remember there being a definitive causal link, but there certainly is some suspicion, especially about smoking cigarettes, they now definitely advise MSers not to smoke cigarettes, pretty obvious anyway, no one should smoke the ciggy's. After I was diagnosed, the three aforementioned activities became somewhat issue for me, in that I really went on a path to cut down or give them up entirely. Goal pretty much achieved, yep honestly, you know how some people who drink will say, "I hardly drink at all" but in reality they're downing a bottle of wine a night or half a dozen beers, yeah, that isn't me I rarely ever drink alcohol, I vape dope very occasionally and have the very odd cigarette, mostly vaping nicotine rather than combusting it.

Yeah, believe me what I do is much better than the traditional methods, just because as a smoker you can migrate to vaping, that would seem to be your problem, but for many others we took the time, we learned about vaping and jumped on board and feel much better for it.

Now Ganja Smoker's this will be very interesting if the people who have MS and smoke Dope really do get a benefit from this Medicinal Marijuana or in reality they just love the "high" they get from hitting the bong, now as someone who wholeheartedly believes that Cannabis should be legal and you should be able to grow your own, in fact I think they should use the Marijuana plant as hedging in parks, grow it alongside railway tracks and freeways to cut down the noise and the unsightly views. I'm also very aware of the negatives of being a regular user of ganja as one's crutch, as one's new reality, been there done that, it's fun if you have the funds and someone else can handle all of your affairs, you know paying your bills, doing your shopping, making sure you have a shower and brush your teeth lol, fine, you're living the life of Riley, bully for you!

I really have known people where it has fucked up their lives, as can and does Alcohol, with MS the chances are you're already lazy from the Fatigue MS Symptom, you most likely don't have money to burn on "stuff" you really don't need, if you already have problems walking, don't think getting baked from ganja is going to make your walking any better, yes I believe it can help with spasticity, in small controlled amounts, but just like alcohol it can also make your walking worse when you overindulge.

If I do get the chance to try the prescribed medicinal marijuana, yes, I probably will try it to see what it does for me absolutely. I can guarantee you though I will try it as an experiment, because for me I'm honest about why I smoked Marijuana, I LOVED the high, I loved the feeling, I loved not caring about anything, which by the way is really good after diagnosis or after a MS related setback, I think for me it really did help, but sooner or later one has to come back to reality and face one's demons, face your life and your future, yeah, sucks doesn't it ;)

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