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24 January 2016

CrowdaCure Research on Viruses and Multiple Sclerosis

Help us find out if we can treat multiple sclerosis with antiviral drugs!

Please go to the following web page to donate if you can, less than one thousand pounds to go! You can also find more information at the following link!

This is some very interesting research they want to do and have decided to try funding it with donations, at this date 24/1/2016 there is less than one thousand pounds to go, it started at around ten thousand pounds needed, let's not miss this opportunity to see what the Epstein Bar Virus has to do with Multiple Sclerosis and if it can be treated with antiviral drugs!

You can read more at the following blog that these researchers contribute to, it's a great resource for those of us who have Multiple Sclerosis ;)

Please chip in what you can, it all helps them to reach their goal to start this research.

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